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Web Sites Built With Love

From business-focused sites, to yoga sites, online store fronts, restaurants, photography sites, and personal passion project pages, I've built them all. 


This is the "West Loop Life" website.  It's a great example of a media-focused site.  

This site features videos and audio, integration with iTunes, subscription pop-ups, a searchable content index, and Instagram galleries that are updated in real time.   The menu on this site is feature-rich with quick access to pages and categories featured on the podcasts.  The site features a call to action banner at the top of the page.  It has a real-time dynamically updated footer showing social media search results.


"I can help!"

Helping build fun websites is what I love; becoming friends with my clients is a bonus.

The really great thing is, all of my clients started off being a bit overwhelmed by the whole process of building their own website.  Working together we all had fun as I taught them how to maintain and update their new easy-to-understand website.

Not only are my rates the best in the industry, I ensure you feel confident and equipped to maintain your own website once it's built.  You won't be stuck relying on an expensive web designer to make future updates.